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Pinterest may have you convinced that you’re destined for DIY, and your collection of images featuring pallet-made sofas and repurposed marbles may provide a ton of inspiration, but, unless you’re a craft pro, DIY remodeling, decorating, and designing never turns out quite how you imagined. In fact, most home DIY projects appear nice and simple to complete, lulling would-be decorators into a false sense of security when it comes to creating their cozy home. If you’re considering a DIY remodeling project, here are a few things that may have you re-considering.


One of the main draws for DIY projects is that you think that you won’t need much time for it. After all, those time-lapse videos online show that it really only needs a couple of hours, if that. Even if you’re going for a larger remodeling DIY project like kitchen or bathroom, you’ll be able to get it done during your free time when you’re already at home, right?

You might have a plan and timeline in place, but the truth is that life happens. If you end up working late for a few days, you’ve already lost a few hours that you may not be able to recover until the weekend. Or maybe you get a bad cold and just aren’t up to the task for a few days. Or maybe you just overestimated how much time you and energy you had to work on the project in the first place.


Since DIY projects focus a lot on upcycling or repurposing, many DIY-ers think they’ll be saving a ton of money on their project. Not to mention, buying your own materials means you know exactly what they cost and you’re not paying anyone for labor costs!

But, did you know you’re likely missing out on tradesman discounts by not hiring a professional? And if you consider how much longer it will take you to complete the project than it would a professional, does the value of your time match the hours and cost you’re putting into the project? And depending on your skill level, you might make the occasional mistake that could be quite pricey to repair!

Final Result

The final results of DIY remodeling projects we see online are always impeccable and perfectly executed. However, it’s important to remember that the photos you have seen online were taken by professional photographers of projects that were most likely completed by professionals, or at the very least extremely practiced DIY-ers that do these projects often. Most DIY projects don’t quite turn out as perfectly as the homeowners expect. While you may get a decent look from your project, it will likely lack the luxurious feel of a job done by professionals.

If you’re looking to get some remodeling done on your home and aren’t an expert DIY-aficionado, it’s best to get in touch with professionals so you don’t end up out of time, out of money, or disappointed with the final result of your project. For assistance, contact RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist for professional remodeling services.

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