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The average person spends about half an hour in the bathroom daily, adding up to over a hundred and fifty hours a year. With all that time spent in front of the mirror or in the bath, it’s clear that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. But did you know that a simple bathroom remodel can increase the value of the home more than any other remodeling project in the home? Indeed, a bathroom remodel can make or break your home’s value, depending on the quality of the project. So how do you know how to do a good bathroom renovation? Here are the top upgrades that have the highest return on your investment.


An old, dingy floor in the bathroom can give the wrong impression to visitors. On the other hand, a simple floor fix will update the style quickly and easily. In fact, with all the new styles of tile available, updating your bathroom’s floor is a surefire way to not only get the best look but also more life out of your bathroom. Switching to ceramic tiles means your bathroom structure is protected from dampness. Plus they are incredibly durable and come in almost any color, size, and shape you can imagine. Looking for even more return? Consider heated flooring to entice potential buyers!


Dated cabinets are one of the most obvious elements in the bathroom. Older cabinets may be peeling paint or be made of sub-par materials. They may also be oddly placed and reduce usable space in the room.

When you’re replacing the cabinets, look for sleek, modern styles. Soft-close doors and drawers are currently experiencing high demand and are a good investment. And the more space-saving your cabinets are, the better. Don’t forget to update the hardware with unique or classic styles to match the rest of the room.


The sink area of the bathroom may feel purely functional, which means many people look over it when remodeling. However, updating the countertop, faucet, and sink is an easy way to add a bit of luxury. Choose granite or marble countertops for true decadence, and instead of choosing boring, basic fixtures, look for modern faucet and handle designs to add some personality and intrigue. Bonus points if they match your cabinet hardware!

Shower and Tub

Most people think that a bathtub is a must-have for reselling a home but replacing your tub with a large standing shower can do more to raise your home’s value. A shower with stylish glass doors will be extra appealing to potential buyers. If you live in an area with lots of young families, keeping at least one bathtub in the house is a good idea for buyers with children, so don’t completely discount the tub. Instead, consider an upgrade to a nicer style with new taps.

Other Projects You Can Tackle Yourself

All of the above projects generally require professionals to get the best outcome, but there are a few other projects that you can take on yourself to entice buyers:

  • A fresh coat in a trendy color can change the whole ambiance of your bathroom.
  • Floating shelves are a chic addition to bare walls and increase storage or display space.
  • That basic square mirror from the 80s? Time to update with a new shape, or a mirror with built-in vanity lighting.
  • It’s incredibly simple to change out light fixtures, so if you’re dealing with a bare bulb, this is an excellent DIY way to add glam to the bathroom.


Looking for a large-scale remodel of your bathroom? The professionals at RIHI are more than happy to work with you to create your ideal bathroom space for yourself or potential buyers. Contact us today at (866) 563-7293

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