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Posted by the Rhode Island Home Improvement DIY Team
Mark Allenson of Rhode Island Home Improvement shares a few tips to get your home ready for the holiday season ahead. The holiday season is filled with family and friends visiting your home, and Mark has some easy tips to improve your home for the holidays.
Holiday Kitchen
“There are easy small improvements projects that you can make to your home any time before the holiday party begins, without disrupting the house”, says Mark. Mark recommends starting with the guest or main bathroom, because it’s one of the most heavily used rooms of the house during the holidays. Mark recommends putting a fresh coat of paint on the bathroom if needed, remove any old caulking and add some holiday cheer by changing out the towels and floor mats and adding candles to round out a quick easy change.
Holiday Bathroom
The next busiest area is the kitchen, and it will be one of the most used and visited rooms in the house during the holidays. “It’s too late to add an island to the kitchen area but like the bathroom you can find very attractive kitchen holiday decorations that will thrill your friends and family. Like the bathroom cleaning up the walls, touching up areas that need a little paint and adding some nice decorations can spruce up any kitchen for the holidays”, says Mark. Mark also suggests adding holiday lighting and draping garland around the top of the kitchen cabinets really helps warm the kitchen up for the holiday. Mark also recommends giving old lighting fixtures a good cleaning and by adding dimmers so you can really change the mood of a room. Dimmers are an inexpensive and easy way to change the ambiance of any room. He also recommends grabbing a couple strands of Christmas lights and some garland and draping it over the fireplace.

Mark Allenson works for the nationally known “Home Improvement Guys” John and Anthony Aurgemma from Rhode Island Home Improvement? RIHI was founded over 65-Years ago and is a family owned and operated home improvement business servicing Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Rhode Island Home Improvement sells and installs home improvement products such as Windows, Siding, Roofing, Bathrooms and Kitchens. Click here and meet the Rhode Island Home Improvement Team and find out more about them.

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