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One of the most devasting diseases in this country is heart disease and is something we should all be mindful of even if you don’t have a family history. Since February is National Heart Month, RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist wanted to share some helpful tips on taking care of one of our most vital organs to keep it running smoothly for many years to come.

With updated guidelines, the American Heart Association wants to help all of us lead heart-healthier and active lives. And whether you practice all of them or just a few, any steps you take will keep you healthy and further away from experiencing any heart issues.

As we all know, the first step to our overall health is to stay active. Whether you exercise regularly or when your schedule allows, getting up and doing any sort of physical activity will not only help keep your heart healthy, but you’ll feel better as a whole. Beyond taking steps to stay active, what you put in your body is also so important beyond the age-old advice of “everything in moderation”

Here’s six tips from the American Heart Association to help you have healthier eating habits:

  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  2. Choose foods that are minimally processed—eat fresh foods
  3. Choose healthy sources of proteins like beans nuts and seeds over processed meats
  4. Consume fewer beverages and foods with higher levels of sugar
  5. Choose and prepare your foods with little or no salt
  6. Moderate the amount of alcohol you consume

Again these are a few tips from the AHA’s Dietary Guidelines that the RIHI Team wanted to share with you, but if you’d like to dive deeper for more detail you can go to  Guidelines and Statements – Professional Heart Daily | American Heart Association At RIHI, we’re committed to keep you, and your home, looking and feeling your best for years and years.

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