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Should I Repair My Roof or Replace It?

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RI Roofing Contractor Roofing repair or replace

Roofing concerns and considerations always seem to begin with the above question. Most people who didn’t get to their roof during the warmer months will usually scramble this time of year to cram in their project before winter hits, so determining whether to repair the existing roof or to replace it becomes the center of many of the roofing calls we tend to field right up until Thanksgiving. Today, we’ll examine a few things to consider before making your final decision.

Your roof is NOT a fine wine

The most prominent factor upon which the repair versus replace debate will be settled should be the age of the roof. If your roof is flirting with old-age, which by roofing standards is in and around twenty years, you’re going to want to think about replacing. We’ve seen homeowners run into headaches when they begin to repair an elderly roof. The temptation to repair an older roof because maybe just a handful of shingles flew off can at times be too strong to pass up, especially if your current roof seems to appear fine to the naked and untrained eye. What may seem like a reasonable and frugal decision can take a disastrous turn rather quickly, as you’ll find yourself constantly trying to keep pace repairing your roof as it continues to fail. You will end up saving yourself much more money by biting the proverbial bullet and replacing your older roof rather than replacing it.

The RIHI advantage

Once you’ve decided to replace your roof you want to fill two criteria: a reputable roofing contractor and a quality product.  With that said, may we introduce ourselves? We here at RIHI have been installing roofing systems for over sixty years. We’ve installed roofs on everything from three-story Victorians to shotgun ranches to mobile homes. We’ve seen and done it all! Not to mention we use the highest caliber roofing shingles you can find. Our Protec roofing system was engineered with southern New England weather in mind—whether it be hurricane style winds or brutal nor’easter blizzards.

When we meet again we’ll look at a few other roofing issues that will help you with the repair versus replace struggle. Until then, you can always reach us at 401-739-1001 for your own free in-home evaluation and estimate.

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