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mossIn the spring a homeowner’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of home improvements. While many of these projects promote energy efficiency and protection from the elements, there are at least a few that serve more as form over function. One of these atheistically motivated jobs involves removing moss from your roof. More of an eyesore than anything else, moss and algae will not necessarily harm your roof—yet these green little guys can still prove unsightly. For those of you intent upon keeping your plants and other vegetation off your roof and in your garden—where they belong—we’ll now look at how best to eliminate ugly moss from your roofing shingles.

There are a few reasons why your roof might provide a haven for the growth of moss and algae. Climates tending to suffer sticky, humid summers as well as having low-hanging tree branches close to your roof are two prime contributors to developing moss. Ridding of your roof of such growth involves spraying your shingles with a mixture of half water and half bleach. The watered-down bleach attacks the algae, breaking it up, and vanquishing it. If you remember our discussion about power washing your home, you will again want to either cover your plants or spray them down with water, which will protect them from the bleach. Speaking of power washing your home, you do NOT want to use a pressure washer on your roof—as you would be likely to damage the shingles.

If you would rather prevent moss from growing on your roof as opposed to curing it, you’re in luck. We here at Rhode Island Home Improvement gave serious thought to protecting our customers’ roofs from this problem. Our Protec roofing system includes copper granules embedded within the shingles. Copper is the natural enemy to algae, and will therefore act as a deterrent from any and all algae growth. Once you’ve replaced your roof with our patented shingle system your moss problems will become a thing of the past.

When you get tired of your roof looking more green than your lawn call us at 401-739-1001. We will gladly come by and show you how easy and affordable your brand new roofing system can be.

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