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replacement-windowsWindows come in many different flavors—granted, maybe not as many as Baskin Robbins’ ice cream—yet you still have many options nonetheless. When shopping for new replacement windows for your home you’re first going to want to familiarize yourself with all of these options before finalizing your decision. The window you select will not only serve the appearance of your home, but also the functionality. Once you’ve been exposed to the myriad options available, you’ll confidently choose the perfect window for you and your home.

Double hungs

Double hung windows are easily the most common windows. Opening up and down, double hungs offer the most hassle free maintenance when compared to other options. Double hung windows consist of two separate sashes, both of which tilt inside the home, facilitating a much easier cleaning experience. No more climbing ladders to wash windows for you! If maintenance is a concern of yours, double hung windows are the route for you.

Casement windows

Referred to on the street as crank-outs, casement windows do just that—crank out. Casement windows are fixed on a vertical hinge and open outward via a hand crank located on the sill. People looking for maximum ventilation and air flow will often select casements. Perfect for enjoying a tall ice-cold glass of lemonade with those warm refreshing breezes, casement windows allow your home to breathe in as much fresh air the spring and summer have to offer. The only complaint you might hear regarding casement windows involves the inability to utilize an air conditioner. The closer you live to the equator, the more you’re going to want to have at least a few double hungs among your collection of casements.

Of all the windows from which to choose, we just covered the two most prominent styles. Next time we’ll investigate a few of the other fun options from the window spectrum. Until then, please call us and throw any window related questions to our staff at 401-739-1001. We’re ready for all of them!

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