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Revamping your home’s appearance and functionality is a project that many homeowners take on eventually. Even with the best materials and newest technologies, a home will need to be updated now and again. A house’s windows are no exception to this necessity. From opening up the home to more natural light to bringing in a bit more style to your home’s exterior, replacing your windows is a simple way to do a tiny bit of renovation for your house. But do you know what time of year is the best for replacing your windows? Read on for a few things you’ll want to think about when deciding when to get your windows replaced.

The Weather

If you live in an area that experiences serious or extreme weather events during certain seasons, you’ll want to make sure that you avoid these times if possible. As your windows are being replaced, they’ll have to be removed entirely from the home, leaving your living room or bedroom open to the elements. For this reason, it’s wise to avoid the middle of winter if your area experiences blizzards, or hurricane season if you live on the coast.

High Demand

Choosing the right time of year for replacing your windows is a delicate balance. You’ll want to avoid extreme weather, as mentioned above, but you don’t want to choose absolute peak time to get them done.

Spring and summer are the most common months for window replacement because the weather is usually warmer and it’s generally ok to leave the windows open for a time while they are being replaced. This means that most people are getting their windows done during these months; your wait will be longer, and prices could be higher.

Instead, choose the off-peak times in fall and early winter. Again, you’ll want to be careful with the weather, but whatever the off times are in your area, these will give you the lowest prices and wait times.


Of course, you can’t necessarily control what time of year window emergencies occur.  Windows can break at any time, so in cases like this, getting them replaced immediately will save you money in the long run, even if you’re paying premium prices. A broken window can increase your energy costs for heating or cooling and can generally interfere with your home’s comfort.

Similarly, you should attend to drafts or movement as soon as you notice them. A “leaky” window is often most identifiable in winter when it allows cold air from outside to enter the house, so pay particular attention to the possibility of a window replacement during this season.


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