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media-141959526393773100With 2015 bearing down upon us, we’d like to remind everyone that the weather will break sooner than you think. I’m certain you’re all giving serious thought to your proposed new year resolutions, but if you’re having a little trouble coming up with something may we suggest resolving to complete those home improvement projects that have been sitting on that back burner?  Quitting procrastinating is always one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, yet most people don’t follow through with it because they don’t make it specific enough. Not to worry; however, as your friends at RIHI will help you attain all your resolution goals—at least the ones pertaining to your home. Let’s give a quick overview of the type of Improvements with which we can help you as you usher in the promise of a brand new year.

Springtime is the perfect time to improve your home, but the winter is the perfect time to start thinking about it. Our Protec line of products will ensure your home is the most beautiful and energy-efficient one in your neighborhood, and here are a few examples of why.


Roofing projects entail much more than just shingles. Here are just a few reasons RIHI should be your first call.

  • Top quality roofing products
  • Quick and professional service
  • Meticulous cleanup
  • Many designer styles and colors from which to choose


Our Protec replacement windows offer elegance, efficiency, and so much more. Here’s a snapshot of how:

  • A proprietary mix of polymer and acrylic resins
  • Clima Guard glass technology
  • Solid core insulation
  • Light Lift balance system


Painting your home is a hassle! Our Protec siding will allow you to shelf those paint brushes for good.

  • Beautiful look of freshly painted wood—all the time
  • Drives  the value of your home, not to mention its curb appeal
  • Professionally insulated, dropping your fuel bills

It’s a new year, people! Time to take your home to the next level and we’re the ones for the job. Call us today for your free New Year’s estimate at 401-739-1001


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