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One of the best ways to breathe new life to your home is by installing new windows throughout the house. Whether you’re replacing existing windows or adding new ones where there weren’t before, you’ll want to make well-informed decisions as to which type of windows will be most suitable for each location. Here are eight of the most popular types of windows that can add life, light, and personality to your home. 

Double-Hung Windows

A double-hung window includes a frame with two sashes that are opened by lifting up or down. This window is able to open from both the top and the bottom, so you have options when you want to let some fresh air in. This is similar to a single-hung window, the most common type of window, but on a single-hung only the bottom sash lifts up. 

Casement WindowsWindows on brick home

Best for large windows, the casement style of window opens more like a door than a single- or double-hung window. There will be hinges on one side that allows the pane of glass to open outwards. This is ideal if you have a lot of open space behind the window. If there are trees or hedges nearby, these could limit the window’s ability to open fully. 

Awning Windows

This type of window opens similarly to the casement window, except the hinges are at the top part of the window so that the glass opens outwards, from the bottom. Usually, the part of the window that opens is a smaller portion near the bottom or top of a larger window. This style is great for letting in fresh air while blocking rain. 

Picture Windows

This type of window is stationary; it doesn’t open at all. However, this style is usually very large, sometimes floor to ceiling. It will allow a lot of sunlight into the home and is best if you have amazing views and lots of privacy. 

Transom Windows

A smaller style of window, the transom is placed just above a door or window to increase the amount of light let into a room. This window can be either stationary or operable, and can even include more decorative elements. 

Slider Windows

If there is limited space outside of a window area, or it’s in a difficult-to-reach area, you might want to opt for a slider window. Instead of opening inwards or outwards, the pane of glass slides horizontally to fit over the next window, making it incredibly easy to operate. Just make sure it’s not within reach of the kids!

Bay Windows

A bay window is created using a few panels of windows that are angled slightly to create more indoor space in the home. This will be visible from the outside of the home as a rounded or square area that protrudes from the building, giving a sense of shape and depth. This style allows a large amount of natural light to come in since it takes advantage of having glass on several angles. 

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