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kitchenRegardless of your home’s layout, your kitchen is the “money room,” as we in the industry like to say. Upgrading your kitchen is the easiest way to not only spike your home’s value, but to also improve your home life. One of the most popular misconceptions, however, involves the idea that you must completely remodel your kitchen to achieve your goals. With a few clever well-placed slight-of-hand techniques from a trained professional from the RI Home Improvement installation team, cabinet refacing will revitalize your tired old kitchen within just a few days. Don’t be swayed into gutting your fully-functioning kitchen; just give it a facelift! It’s easier than you think.

The debate over remodeling your kitchen versus refacing your cabinets will usually begin with construction time. You don’t realize how much you rely on your kitchen until you don’t have access to it for a month (or longer). There are fewer things more irritating than bringing your flatware into the bathroom to wash it once your dishwasher has been disabled. While scrubbing plates and yourself during one single shower session might seem like a convenient time saver, it is far from practical. You really would rather not confuse your shampoo with your dish detergent. Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, can be completed within most cases three days–and in just a few instances within five days. More importantly, you will still have access to most aspects of your kitchen during the refacing process. Gutting your kitchen, conversely, will limit your diet to microwaved burritos that you’ll be preparing in your living room—which might again seem like a good idea until you do it for a month straight.

We’ll revisit more of this kitchen debate soon, but for now make sure you call your kitchen experts at RI Home Improvement for your no-obligation estimate. We will be waiting eagerly on the other end of 401-739-1001 to talk about the hassle-free method we’ll use for giving you the kitchen of which you’ve been dreaming.

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