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santainkitchen2With the clock ticking down on the holiday season, we wanted to remind all of our faithful readers that there is still plenty of time to upgrade your kitchen. Are you entertaining this season? Don’t be held hostage by your tired old kitchen. Let Rhode Island Home Improvement come to you and share how quickly and quietly we can give you the kitchen perfect for hosting your very own holiday extravaganza. You won’t have to fear any intrusive remodeling projects when you choose RIHI. Our kitchen system revolves around the magic of cabinet refacing. Forget dust, must, and plaster dust—our system involves simply replacing your old cabinet door and drawer fronts with brand new ones custom designed to your liking. Get in on the secret so many other homeowners have learned. Don’t replace—reface!

Cabinet refacing surprises everyone once their project is completed.  People are so programmed to believe kitchen upgrades are lengthy and painstaking processes, taking multiple months while you microwave pizza in your living room and wash your dirty dashes in the bathtub. You have no more excuses to suffer through shampoo residue on your flatware! Cabinet refacing projects are normally completed within a few days and simultaneously allow you free reign and use of your favorite appliances during said few days.  You won’t even know we’re there during the install. Our helpful festive little elves pride themselves on bringing your kitchen to life with as little fanfare as possible.

When sitting on Santa’s lap this December, remember to ask for cabinet refacing and not replacing. We hope all you good boy and girl homeowners wake up in a few weeks to stockings stuffed with brand new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. For those of you, however, who may have found yourselves on the wrong side of Santa’s Naughty List—you can always call us at 401-739-1001 for your free estimate.

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