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siding_yellow_house1Siding for the New Year

For those of you faithful readers of the RIHI blog, you’ll recall our last discussion involved the magical world of siding.  Just a quick stop into our showroom will reveal the entire spectrum of colors and textures available to you, the fortunate homeowner lucky enough to live in the age of composite exterior siding.  Touching upon some of the obvious features last time, such as the amazing aesthetics a quality siding job can provide your home, today we’ll dive into some of the more specific reasons why Protec siding provided by RIHI is the best choice for you.

More than just beauty

When someone looking to improve upon the look of his or her home approaches us with questions surrounding vinyl siding, the first question we field almost always involves color.  Again, while homeowners will normally begin the hunt for a brand new exterior for their home in search of a breathtaking color change, they are also unwittingly about to discover how much money this beautiful siding is about to save them. Let’s take a look at how that’s possible.

Protecting your home and wallet with Neopor

Our Protec siding utilizes Neopor technology from your friends at BASF.  Depending on the profile selected, Neopor can increase your home’s R value up to 19%. This increase will in effect decrease your monthly heating bills. Neopor will also absorb and reflect radiant heat, not to mention resisting winds up to 160 mph. Anyone who has dared to step outside the past two days will attest to just how important wind resistance is. In fact, stand inside a home that isn’t properly insulated on a day like today and you’ll see what I mean. Chances are you’ll feel the wind rip right through the walls. And if the wind is steamrolling through the home in that fashion, guess where the heat—and subsequently your cash– is going, my friend? If you said, “Straight outside,” you’d be correct!

It’s much too cold to venture outside, so stay in, fire up the hot chocolate, and give us a call at 401-739-1001. We’ll bring our siding samples to you and show you how to ring in 2015 with a brand new exterior for your home.

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