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As we all recover from all the excitement of our 4th of July celebrations it’s time to make plans for the rest of Summer because we all know too well the next words coming from our kids’ mouths will be” we’re bored…there’s nothing to do”. As The Home Improvement Experts, RIHI is here to help turn those frowns upside down into smiles with some small home improvement projects for the family to do together. Here are a few ideas (inside and out) from RIHI to get you started and inspire you to create more of your own projects.

Summer Cleaning

We know what you’re thinking right now…”my kids don’t even pick up their dirty socks so how would I ever get them excited about cleaning?” With a little creativity and energy, you can tidy up, dust, vacuum, sort through toys and clothes to donate, and have a blast doing it!  And let’s face, every party needs a good playlist to get everyone up and moving. How about turning up some tunes like Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop This Feeling” Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” or Walk the Moon’s “Anna Sun” to set the tone for your Cleaning Party! And when you’re done, reward the team with a party, cookout, or some other family outing.

Bedroom Makeover

This can start simply by moving the furniture around to give it a fresh new layout and opening some new space. Perhaps there is a fresh coat of paint (can even be just one of the walls) or some new wall hangings to change the overall look of the room. Stringing some lights or adding a bean bag chair for example can be a great way for your kids to personalize their room. Most importantly, give them the creative license to make it their own space.

Painting Fun

Painting furniture and walls is a great activity for the whole family to be involved in this home improvement project. Include everyone in the color choice especially if you’re painting a playroom or basement fun area. From the prep work of taping and laying down tarps, painting, and clean-up, a painting project allows you to work together and teach your kids some skills they can use later in life. And perhaps you can have a playlist (songs with a color in the title) for your Painting Party!

Plant a Garden

Growing a garden is a great family project and for younger children, it’s an excellent learning experience as they watch the plants grow and mature over time. And what kid doesn’t love to get their hands dirty as they work with the soil to get the seeds and plants into the ground. As always, let your kids choose their plants and seeds because they’ll feel a stronger connection to the project over a longer period.

Build a Fire Pit

Do you want a project that will provide your family with lots of great times and memories? Build a firepit! A blazing backyard fire has a way of bringing folks together, enjoying a starlit night, and of course, creating those irresistibly tasty smores. There are many options for this family project, but it can be as simple as digging a small hole and lining it with small stone and paver bricks. And yes, for inspiration a quick Google search will provide you with all kinds of options that will provide hours of family enjoyment.

Doing a small home improvement project as a family can be a great way to spend some time together and help to avoid summer boredom. It is also a great way for your kids to learn some great skills and for all of you to create some great memories together. So, choose one of these projects or come up with one of your own. But either way, get started today. Wishing you a great Summer from your friends at RIHI.

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