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A front door will say a lot about those who live behind it. As they approach your home from the walkway, your friends and family are first greeted by the personality of your front door of choice.  Don’t settle for a front entry door that will sell you short. You want something that is going to warmly welcome your guests while also showcasing your unique sense of style and taste. When we went on the hunt for a series of front doors to provide for our customers, the choice was easy. Provia doors will accentuate your home with the perfect balance of beauty and energy efficiency.

Beauty and efficiency

The front door to your home should never be taken lightly. We believe in putting just as much thought and consideration into your front door as you would while selecting siding and replacement windows for your home. The Provia door system promises such beneficial features as dual perimeter seals, high energy efficiency, and enhanced wood grain fiberglass.  If you’re one for expressing your personality through colors then Provia is the obvious choice.  Coming in a range of fourteen stains and sixteen paint finishes, the Provia doors offer a beautiful spectrum from which to select.

Break on through

If durability and strength is one of your more serious concerns, your front door search ends here. I could rant on and on about how strong these doors are; however, I’ll allow the power of video to do my talking for me. http://youtu.be/m4FkAxsR7CE  You’ll notice near video’s end that the Provia door has no trouble withstanding multiple attacks from a police battering ram. Now, please understand, gentle reader, I realize you’re certainly not one prone for the  unruly behavior normally associated with people who live in fear of police driven battering rams. I simply wanted a visual aid that would accurately speak to the durability of our front door of choice.

Looking to spice up your home’s appearance and curb appeal before the holiday entertaining season begins? Call us today at 401-739-1001 and we’ll spice up that front door situation for you.

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