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replacement-bathtub-biscuit-2Bathroom remodeling is a hassle, and in many cases unnecessary. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how a very simple update of the bathtub and shower area can invigorate your bathroom. We’ve spoken with more than a few homeowners who’ve grown tired of their bathroom—whether it’s their old, chipped, bath tub, or maybe it’s the flamingo-pink shower tiles that came into fashion during 1970s. Like the way of leisure suits and butterfly collars, pink shower tiles have thankfully fallen out of favor. No one should have to suffer another shower in an outdated bathroom, which is why we’ve introduced our new Bath Systems USA line.

Let’s say you’ve decided your bathroom desperately needs a change. Maybe you’re not sure what that change might be, but you know you need to do something. Our Bath System is tailor made for homeowners like you. Quick, easy, and affordable—we’ll show you how to bring your bathroom into the millennium with a Jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower, or one of our many other stylish options. Colors and styles aside, one of the most exciting features of our Bath Systems centers on the ABS blended acrylic used within each model. No one enjoys a weekend spent grouting around tired tiles that constantly show soap scum and grime. Our acrylic provides the look and feel of contemporary granite and marble without the nightmare of scrubbing mold and mildew. Once you’ve converted to one of our Bath Systems your days spent scouring while bent over the tub will come to a merciful end. Our acrylic surround walls do the work for you!

Leave the 1970s where they belong—40 years in the rearview mirror. Get rid of your ugly tiles, throw them in the basement with your Bay City Rollers albums, and call us today at 401-739-1001. We’ll gladly come to you and explain just how easy bringing your bathroom back to life can be.

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