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Our team at RIHI, The Home Improvement Specialist, is glad to serve the town of Warren, RI, with our windows, roofing, and siding services. Warren is a town that was incorporated in 1747 that is home to about 11,000 people. The town was the first home of Brown University. Warren’s industry was largely based on whaling, and today, many of the town’s businesses are based around the waterfront. Reach out to our team at RIHI today to learn more about the exterior remodeling services that we offer.

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Window Replacements in Warren RI

Windows are a hugely important aspect of any home. Few parts of your home have as significant an impact as windows do. They provide you with savings on energy costs and repairs to the rest of your home. The Protec Windows that we offer at RIHI is built for the Rhode Island coast. These windows are as durable as steel with the classic appearance of wood. Protec Windows are built to handle extreme heat and extreme cold alike; humidity is no problem for these windows. Our team offers several different styles of replacement windows, from classic double-hung windows to specialty windows like picture windows. Contact our team to learn more about our window replacement services in Warren, RI.

Roofing Services in Warren RI

Your home’s roof is the ultimate protector of your home’s exterior. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your whole home stays safe. Winter weather, along with coastal storms, come into contact with your roof primarily when they strike. Every Warren homeowner needs a roof on their home that they can trust. Without a high-quality roof on your home, it will be a huge detriment to the rest of your property. Our team ensures that the roofs we install last through our extensive training and work with the top brands in the industry. We partner with Owens Corning for our roofing installations because their shingles are extremely strong and durable. These asphalt shingles are built in the USA and built to last. You can sleep soundly with a high-quality roof on your home.

Siding Contractors in Warren RI

In terms of protection for your home, siding is the best protection for your home after your roofing. It’s an absolute cornerstone of your home’s exterior. It helps provide your home with its appearance and protects you from coastal wind, rain, and storms. We offer both vinyl and composite siding for homeowners looking for durable options without the hassle of maintenance. Vinyl is the most popular siding material used in the US today. Composite siding is growing as a popular option for protecting homes and offering a modern look. Contact our team today to learn about our siding services in Warren, RI. 

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