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At RIHI The Home Improvement Specialists, our team is proud to provide the town of Norton, MA, with our award-winning home remodeling services. Norton is a Bristol County town that is home to the TPC Boston Golf Club and Wheaton College. The town was established in 1710 and was a small town but is growing today. It now has a population of about 20,000, with many of them being families. The town is an excellent place for families with beautiful nature and homes. Reach out to our team in Norton to learn more about our roofing, siding, and window replacement services.

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Roofing Contractors in Norton, MA

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of your home. That’s why our team is proud to offer our services to Norton residents. Your roof plays a very important role in keeping the rest of your home protected and safe when weather strikes. A roof needs to be able to do its job year-round and handle New England’s temperature fluctuations seamlessly. A high-quality roof over your head is an absolute must-have, so we work with the best shingle manufacturers like Owens Corning so we can protect our clients in style. Owens Corning shingles are engineered to be long lasting and come in a huge range of patterns and colors to perfectly fit the design of your home. Contact our team at RIHI today to learn more about our roof repair and replacement services in Norton, MA.

Replacement Window Services in Norton, MA

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Another one of our award-winning services at RIHI is our window replacement services. Many know about the efficiency benefits of new windows and the light they add, but they help your home feel more comfortable. That goes for the warm and cold weather months. High-quality replacement windows help you get the most out of your heating and cooling systems and make your home feel more pleasant. They also can add some major style points to your home, boosting its curb appeal and complementing the look of your siding. 

Our team at RIHI installs a huge range of replacement windows in all shapes and sizes. Contact our team in Norton today to learn more about the Protec windows that install.

Siding Contractors in Narragansett RI

Finally, our team is glad to provide residents of Norton with our expert siding replacement services. The siding of your home has a few important jobs; it helps keep your walls safe and dry but also is responsible for much of your home’s exterior aesthetic. Your home’s siding can be a boost to your curb appeal or a detriment depending on its age and condition. Replacement siding offers tons of benefits, from protecting your home better to helping it stand out on your block. Modern siding is low maintenance as well, so there’s not much upkeep to maintain a beautiful home. Contact our team in Norton to learn more about our composite and vinyl siding services

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