Installing Energy-Efficient Windows in Frenchtown, RI, Homes

One of the best ways to make your Frenchtown, Rhode Island, home more energy efficient is by having RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist install new PROTEC windows. PROTEC specially manufactures energy-efficient windows to be insulative, long-lasting, and stylish.

Windows Engineered for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Often, windows are not insulated and do nothing to stop heat transfer through the glass. Heat transfer occurs when heat invades your home in the summer and escapes in the winter. That’s why we install ENERGY STAR®-rated windows with chemically fused frames that provide exceptionally insulative benefits. By preventing heat transfer, our energy-efficient windows can help your HVAC system regulate your home’s indoor temperature without running constantly. That’s great news for the environment and your energy bills.

Stylish Windows With Customizable Options

A window should look beautiful whether you are looking at it from inside or outside your home. You can get your preferred window design with our energy-efficient windows because they come in many different styles, including double-hung, picture, casement, bow, bay, and sliding. We also provide custom styles.

Replacement Windows From the Experts

RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist is a family-owned and -operated business that’s been around since 1949. With hundreds of window installations under our belt, we can properly install windows with a secure, leak-free fit. We would love to add energy-efficient windows to your Frenchtown, RI, home, so contact us today to get started on your window installation. Our team can also assist with roofing and siding replacements.