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Beautiful bathrooms – elegance, comfort, and peace of mind

From end to end, we take care of your complete bathroom remodeling needs.

Bathroom remodeling is a complex business. As all the fixtures require plumbing work, the effort in making a bathroom beautiful goes beyond skin-deep solutions.

That’s why our bathroom remodeling professionals are complete, end-to-end solution makers. From the aesthetic elements of beautiful bathrooms to all the plumbing and under-the-hood work that needs to be done, RIHI can do it all for you.

We also offer incredible accessibility options – and bath-to-shower conversions – for those who have trouble getting around. As home improvement professionals who care about all types of customers, RIHI has got your back.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

Assessment and Estimate – Our customer service representatives will work to obtain as much information about your bathroom remodeling and rebuilding needs as possible. Then, we send out one of our bathroom remodeling specialists to more deeply understand your bathroom needs.

From there, we build a risk-free estimate and proposal. With no obligation to use our services, this empowers you to make the right choice for your bathroom remodeling specialists.

Design – After we offer you a proper proposal, our designers get to work crafting the perfect solution for your bathroom remodeling needs. This includes drawing out plans, choosing materials, and ensuring that the perfect solution will fit your liking.

Delivery – Once we’ve designed the perfect bathroom remodeling solution, we get to work efficiently to deliver on the RIHI promise – to craft the perfect, long-lasting bathroom solution for you and your family.

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Materials – the best stuff for the best work

The materials we choose for our bathroom remodeling projects – and for all our other services – are best-in-class. That’s because we know that the best bathroom remodeling solutions can’t be achieved without the best materials we can find.

We do not offer bathroom cover-ups or linings. Our bathroom remodeling solutions come from a belief that end-to-end approaches lead to the longest-lasting solutions.

What we can do

As Rhode Island and southern New England’s premier home improvement specialists, we try to create complete solutions for your home improvement needs.

That’s why we offer a full range of services for bathroom remodeling jobs

Windows – We offer window replacements using our PROTEC-brand window components. PROTEC windows will not break down, wear away, or rot – guaranteed.

Bathtubs and showers – Our complete bathtub and shower solutions mean we’ll replace the actual unit, the walls, and all the piping required to create a fresh, new setup.

Bathroom Vanities – One of the more aesthetically pleasing parts of your bathroom, we procure the best materials and employ the best designers to create stunning bathroom vanities.

Sinks – With special attention to how a sink is used, we can replace any sink setup with the best possible fit for your needs. 

Plumbing – As a complete end-to-end solution, Rhode Island Home Improvement can replace all the plumbing for your bathroom remodeling project.

Floors – With special non-grouted tile, we can create a bathroom flooring solution that is easy to clean and maintain.

Accessibility – For those who need special design considerations for accessibility, we can create any solution for ease of use for any and all users.

Free estimates and 100% financing

We understand that larger projects are hard to afford.

That’s why for qualified customers, we offer 100% financing for all our jobs. Armed with this financing option, you can get to work taking care of those badly needed home improvement jobs.

RIHI Warranty

Water perspiration is a major issue with bathrooms. This perspiration can cause rotting behind the walls, a common problem with many bathroom systems.

Mold is another issue facing many bathrooms. Mold is not only unsightly – it’s dangerous for your health.

Mold can form happen when there isn’t a proper seal in your shower or leaks in your plumbing. Mold gets into the air, and can cause breathing problems down the road. That’s why a fresh, new bathroom is not only a sight for sore eyes – it could positively impact your health.

It’s impossible to know exactly how much it will cost to remodel your bathroom. There are many factors, including how much of your bathroom needs to be done, the materials you want to use, and more.

Our specialists come to your home to create an estimate based on what you’re looking for in your remodeling job. Only then can we tell you how much your bathroom remodeling job will cost.  Contact us for a free estimate today!

For qualified customers, we offer 100% financing for any size job you need. Contact us for more information on financing options available to you.

We currently operate throughout Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southern Massachusetts.

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